RAC – Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR)

I am so excited. This is, what I believe, one of RAC’s first original tracks. And before even listening to it, you can expect loveliness. It’s adorably catchy and predictably thought out, as all of his remixes and covers have been in the past. I reiterate my excitement not only because I want you guys to feel it like I do, but because this is a sign of really incredible things to come for RAC. 

The orchestral build up into a beautiful vocal manipulation of sounds and variations never gets old. I love the lyrics here.

Tell me
Your problems
I’m here for you
Just try to stay sober
It’s eating you
And they say you are a monster
But what I see is a child
Your eyes are glowing red
And your tongue has caught on fire

We’re taken to a familiar place of friendship and loyalty. The idea of letting go of anything is a two part ordeal. We’re in a give and take relationship whenever it comes to letting go. It’s about seeing what’s in front of you and seeing it from another perspective. I love Kele’s soothing and mesmerizing vocals, how he’s not only the voice of reason but the voice of understanding. He’s the loyal friend, the one you never get upset with. And then MNDR comes in as the friend who is a little more blunt, the one who might be more direct and less understanding but definitely right in the end. She comes in with hands and body and physically shows you that you have to just let it go. She’s the harmony and the balance in this song.

Today is probably one of the more gorgeous days I’ve seen in New York this summer. Get out there and let go of something.

RAC – Let Go feat. Kele & MNDR


Maths Time Joy – Let Go

About a month or so ago I wrote a little bit about music as spatial landscapes. For whatever reason – I’m not going to question fate, destiny, or coincidence – I had an oddly profound text-versation with someone I’ve met once in my life but had an unspeakable, intimate, and rather unexpected connection with that’s allowed us to develop some vague sense of trust (?). Anyway, we were “discussing” those little imaginary spaces we created when we were younger. You know, tiny dream spaces with disco-lit side walks like the Billie Jean music video and James Bond was real and savin’ tha world…or maybe that was just mine…Anyway what wasn’t asked during our talk was why are we ashamed of having those spaces now? Is it an shame thing? Or is it “childish?” I don’t know, I personally don’t believe we ever throw them away or give them up. They grow with us and we enter and modify it every time we listen to a solid track.

This evening I’m bringing you a lush world to escape to. The world of Maths Time Joy is sublime to say the least. There are several layers to this track off the 22 year-old British producer’s freshman 2012 EP – Hideaway. Each stirring synth and droned out vocal sample come together in a euphoric drop and release here. The percussion elements and quick claps keep the song alive while the sounds twirl and spin around each other through an ethereal playground.

Tell me the world this takes you too isn’t anything short of bliss and I’d tell you you’re deaf. Check out the rest of Maths Time Joy’s EP on soundcloud. His sound is a total environmental escape. Laying down, closing your eyes, and remaining still is highly recommended.

Maths Time Joy – Let Go