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Kidnap Kid – Like You Used To

Friday! Finally! I hope you have a fun weekend planned ahead of you. Maybe as you’re driving/biking/walking home this afternoon, you can leave with a smile listening to this track by Kidnap Kid…

If you’ve ever put needle to vinyl, you’ll recognize the first sounds emitting from Kidnap Kid’s “Like You Used To.” It begins with a soft crackle, followed by a soft electric guitar and raspy female vocals. If you don’t typically like “electronic” or “dance” music, you might want to open your ears up to this track and take a listen. Subtlety is key.

This song is definitely something you’ll be singing along to after a few plays; or at least tapping your toes to. Maybe it’s the harmonies that have me hooked. Perhaps her soothing voice or the mellow piano, all interspersed with atypical house beats.

If you focus on her voice you’ll hear her anguish. Is she alright? I can’t help but feel that the singer isn’t ok, but faking it. She’s obviously hurt and yearning for her ex-lover, yet her words say the opposite. Whatever her true feelings, you’ll likely enjoy the way she’s expressing herself.

Kidnap Kid is an English electronic dance music DJ and producer. “Like You Used To” was featured on his single, “Stronger” released this year. A lot of his other work features more electronic, quintessential electronic sounds, but I have an affinity for this track because of the soulful vocals; everything blends together really well.

Kidnap Kid – Like You Used To