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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Mars 2014

I can’t waste any more time doing things I don’t want to do…” – La Grande Belleza

I haven’t seen that movie but that didn’t stop me from being taken by such profound words. Since the day you’re born, your parents have an idea of who they want you to be. Marketers know how they want you to think so you buy, bankers want you to spend so you’re in debt, politicians want to influence your beliefs to vote, lovers want  to see you in their own image and on and on. We come into this world trying to find ourselves in the face of such powerful external influences that you can’t help but wonder when you’re truly being yourself. You can waste a lifetime trying to find purpose in someone else’s story…

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” – WarGames

Are you willing to disappoint, are you willing to be selfish, are you prepared to be an individual, perhaps even an outcast? It seems the path to the self is full of negative connotations but are you willing to do what it takes, are you willing to be Howard Roark to make your name?

For me it’s music. Some people call it an escape but to me it’s more like tuning in, it’s not fading away it’s more real than our commonly accepted reality…

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – Lennon 

I’ve been listening to LMDM Mars while writing this and that’s what it makes me feel, it makes me want to make a greater effort to be me. It makes me want to be around people who are themselves, express themselves without inhibition and not in the childish loud phony way either.

And it took so long to be on my own, when the morning comes I hope your ready for it… – RAC

This version of LMDM moves like a seasoned marathon runner, pacing him/herself with masterful precision. Like a kid who read The Tortoise and The Hare and decided you could be both and win. LMDM break all the rules, follows no guidelines and sets no precedents. No two tapes have ever been the same and the adventure will be an evolving, ever-growing limitless form of expression that inspires me and so many to create in the same way. We’re going to be making a big push here, with some new things coming in the near future but today we’re saying thanks again to Steph for continuing to put together one of the most consistently dope and unique mixtapes out, we’re grateful to bring it to ya’ll, enjoy.

UPDATE: LMDM Mars is streaming live @ Tune in quick fast.



  1. Millionyoung – Hammock
  2. Deorro – Five Hours
  3. RAC – Ready For It (Feat. St. Lucia)
  4. Black Atlass – Blossom
  5. Faul – Happy Endings
  6. Ricoshëi – Perfect Like You (Stereotronique Bootleg Remix)
  7. Yacht – Psychic City (Clasixx Remix)
  8. Roosevelt – Around You
  9. We Were Evergreen – Daughters
  10. London Grammar – Hey Now (Tensnake Remix)
  11. Black Atlass – Paris
  12. Still Corners – The Trip


Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)

A caveat: words can’t fully express how much I love this song. By the end of this post, I will have written a couple paragraphs that (hopefully) capture why I think it’s great, and why I think it’s worth your time. But I’ll be no closer to conveying how my heart swells when I hear it.

There’s a couple things about this song – the last track on Disclosure’s incredible debut LP, “Settle” – that stand out right away. The first and most obvious is the rich, evocative voice of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid. The first time you hear it, the song’s first verse, she sounds warm and familiar, like an old friend inviting you in:

Talk to me and watch me crumble
You will see me come undone
Faithfully I will look over
There I’ll find what you’ve become

It’s a beautiful introduction to the song, largely because it sounds so real, so conversational, so human. Reid imbues these lines with a perfect mix of vulnerability and strength. The “me” and “you” instantly feel like characters, people you might know, maybe even yourself and someone you really do know, rather than abstract fictional constructions. You’re invested in this song’s story right away. And then the chorus hits – the song’s other obvious selling point, incredibly lush and blissfully funky – and the subdued emotion of the verse explodes into a devastating confession:

You help me lose my mind
And you believe something I can’t define
Help me lose my mind, make me run back
What about before?
Keep biding my time,
How much longer?
Who I’ve been waiting for

But what really makes this song special for me is what happens in the spaces between Reid’s voice and that soaring chorus. Namely: nothing. Seriously, several times in this song, nothing is happening. You hear one instrument – the kick drum, the high-hat, a synth – or maybe even literal silence. These gaps sound like the song taking a breath, or the tide receding before the next wave, and for some reason I find them utterly transcendent. I could talk about how the dynamic contrast between the verses and the choruses heightens the impact of the latter and deepens the melancholy of the former, but it goes beyond that. This is just one of those moments you get in music sometimes where everything comes together in a way that’s truly ineffable. I never thought I would consider silence my favorite part of a song I loved, but in “Help Me Lose My Mind,” my heart stops along with the music.

Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)

Music Remixes

London Grammar – Strong (High Contrast Remix)

There comes a time every Sunday where everything seems to click. Perhaps your second cup of coffee does the trick, or it’s the quiet realization a new week is beginning, it’s Sunday, and you’ve a few hours before you that are completely your’s for the taking. It’s that time where you feel inspired, centered, and honestly believe you can become anything. The anxiety over Monday’s looming shadow is far, far away. That Cure song got it wrong. They should have really said “It’s Sunday and I’m in love.”

What you do with this moment when it hits, I believe, forecasts your week ahead. Do you latch on to it and soak up every bit of information and subtle personal epiphany you can? Or do you sit back, turn on Netflix, and let the hours pass? I’d hope the latter. The moment just struck me, and I’m feeling like an extroverted introspective. It’s that feeling of connection with whatever it is around you. Your thoughts line up, they make sense, and wallowing in whatever guilt or previous night rendezvous seems completely ridiculous. You turn to images, quotes, literature, and music to help enhance and further seal the newfound connections.

This morning, I turned to one of my recent favorite track “Strong” remixed by High Contrast. London Grammar has been a joy to listen to over the past couple weeks. This might sound silly, but I appreciate they don’t lose their accents in song. It adds a sense of validity to their sound. Aside from that, this track is poppy enough to get you excited, and mellow enough to get your thoughts churning. It makes you want to embrace the day — that go out and actually do something kind of feeling. It’s one of those songs you can dance to and have feelings during.

I’ve heard about sound remedies before, but not until this track did I believe in them. If it’s possible for a song to reinvigorate your whole outlook on life, this is one of them. Your soundtrack is all set, go out and do something.

London Grammar – Strong (High Contrast Remix)


Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)

What an insane, roller coaster of a month I’ve had. Between moving apartments, beginning a new job, and adding a diploma to my slew of things to get framed, I found time to sit, recollect myself, and beging again.

I’ve learned that anthropologists have made a term for the twenty-somethings of the 21st century. The real word escapes me, but it’s something along the lines of “in-between-ers.” All those twee articles of 90s nostalgia, and lists of what to do with yourself in your twenties aren’t just for entertainment purposes; they’re genuine reflections of this weird phase of discovery. And I’m now realizing how real they are. It’s nothing to shy away from, though. Everything these days feels like it’s in-between. There aren’t strictly Thai restaurants or French restaurants — it’s French-Thai fusion. A gym isn’t just a gym, it’s a sauna, yoga studio, juice bar, and apparel shop. And thanks to the internet, music has become a blissful melody of genres that make the 2010’s (in my humble opinion) incredibly influential.

Disclosure is leading the EDM pack. They’re version of EDM isn’t headache inducing; rather, the only side-effect of their sound is an uncontrollable urge to dance. After teasing us with singles sprinkled here and there, their debut Settle is here. “Help Me Lose My Mind” is one of the shining gems of the album. Disclosure’s lush, ethereal dance beat skims under London Grammar’s HAIM like vocals. It’s disco, it’s electronic, it’s soul, and it’s pop. The soundscape is hypnotic, it spins you around without dizzying you up. To be honest, I’m going to turn this track up while I walk through my new neighborhood this afternoon — it has this endless afternoon type of feel to it that’s lends itself to a “anything can happen” kind of mentality. What more could you ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)