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Made In Heights – Panther

Sit back, relax and plug in your headphones. Here’s something melancholy that will caress your eardrums in the best way. Made In Heights has released a few tracks as teasers to their newest album- due out early this year, and here’s one of the most favorable ones- “Panther”. There’s no set date for the album […]

Made In Heights – Ghosts

The electrifying duo that make up Made In Heights have recently released this single, “Ghosts,” which is almost too catchy. Producer Sabzi and singer Kelsey Bulkin work remarkably well together, and this track is a case in point. The first time I heard it I did a double take.. “Who IS this?? I must know!” I love […]

M∆de in Heights – Skylark Interabang!

There are some songs that you listen to passively. They resonate with you, but only for the three minute or so time mark after which they dissolve into the atmosphere. Then there are songs that resonate through your whole body and when the track ends you dissolve with it. Some songs become an extension of […]