Music – Crash

This single from is absolutely beautiful and I’m at a borderline loss for words. It’s like the best moments of Purity Ring are fused with an indie-pop edge and turned into something totally stunning and fresh. This is electronic music at its absolute finest and it’s no surprise that Foreign Family Collective were the ones to discover them – the music coming out of their roster this year has been at such a high level of quality that it’s just ridiculous. “Oh your lovin’ comes in waves” is a hook that’s been stuck in my head from the moment I heard “Crash” and won’t be leaving my head anytime soon. The way it echoes away into the abyss and insanely pretty synths twinkle over its slowed down remains is impossible to shake. I don’t mean it lightly when I say this is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long damn time.

Some love comes in passionate waves but I always hope that the love I experience is sustained and everlasting. I know there’s ebbs and flows to friendships and romantic relationships and the like but it would be nice to maintain a constant level of affection that doesn’t waver even under the most dire circumstances. That’s the best iteration of love and obviously it’s hard to expect it of everyone in your life but it’s okay to desire consistency from the people who you hold close. Here’s to hoping love comes in constant rather than rising and falling waves.

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