Marie Lang – Comfort Zone

The artwork for “Comfort Zone” speaks to a sophisticated artist whose work exists within a sleek, fashionable setting. That visual hint comes to fruition on Marie Lang’s new single, a cut that examines metropolitan romance with mature reciprocation of the physical and emotional, at times finding the two intertwined. “Comfort Zone” is instrumentally lush yet methodical, each element hitting precise pockets while offering simultaneous room to breathe. Lang’s vocals also walk a wonderful line, equal parts floaty through the atmosphere and inflected with soulful tones that feel like the musings of a seasoned wordsmith. This one is a must listen as the weather settles into fall at the end of the decade.

I stopped chasing the grass imagined as greener on the other side. I realized everything I could to pursue exists within a space I’ve already carved. I’m in a comfort zone where my passion for philosophical musings can be nurtured, my spiritual and magical ideals can be physically engaged with, my friendships can continue to be deepened by people who already care rather than searching for those who may care in the future. It took three years in Los Angeles – I just found a journal entry from my first month here where I felt like I had no identity or circle of people to call my own – but I now have a deep, colorful life that continues to blossom and reveal more on my path with each waking moment.

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