RAEKO – Everybody Knows (ft. Mating Ritual)


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Change can make you feel alive.”

Ultimately we all stay the same person from birth to death.  The change is more in our actions, the way we do things, perspectives, but for instance sociopaths are born sociopaths, you don’t become a sociopath, it’s already in your blood, that’s what you will be until the day you die.  Thankfully I wasn’t born with that issue so we don’t have to get into it, ha! I was born as a very loyal, sensitive, creative, stubborn as fuck human being.  I have definitely dated a couple sociopaths, and had a couple sociopathic friends, probably the result of growing up with one, but change comes from all of these experiences, without experiences there is no change.  Now I know what to look for in men and in friendships at the “young” age of 29.  Yes I know, my loyalty gets the best of me and I didn’t know how to let go for so long,  I would say I am now an expert on letting go.  I guess you could say I am still dealing with some crazy folks still who are doing their best to try and steal from me and make my life a living hell, the great thing is that I am just sitting back laughing at the consequences of their stupidity and how much smarter and powerful I am.  I speak the truth and nothing more.

Change is beautiful and I am dealing with one of the best life changes as we speak.  I know I have been talking about being pregnant a lot, but for those of you who know this change that I am going through, know how beautiful it is, it’s positively unexplainable, it makes you look at the world and yourself in a completely different way.  Only 3 and half more months and this life won’t be about me anymore, I will be 100 percent focused on the changes of my daughter, I guess you could say I am kind of changing into her, we are coming together as we are physically connected at the moment, and your children are more or less a product of you.  The cycle of your life keeps growing and moving and changing even without you physically there.  It’s all very poetic and miraculous and I can honestly say that I truly believe in miracles at this point in my life. Check out photos on Instagram @emptspaceagemusic , and you’ll get to peep at the little next generation EMPT angel!

Fridays are coming and going like wild fire, it’s already August next week, where has the time gone, I hope you all are remembering to breath!  RAEKO had me thinking of all the changes that have happened since 2015 hit.  Flashing by like lightning but yet I feel like so much has happened and so much good for that matter, and a little bit of crazy, ok maybe a lot of crazy but good crazy!  I love me some chill, high energy indie pop to ease me into the weekend so I can really taste and enjoy it.  It’s run around naked and free weather here in NYC so strip off your panties and put this baby on repeat, don’t let anyone every change that wild child inside of you and I know if your reading this and hanging with us on EMPT then “everybody knows” you are most definitely a wild child.

Peace lovers<3

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