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Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Mars 2014

I can’t waste any more time doing things I don’t want to do…” – La Grande Belleza

I haven’t seen that movie but that didn’t stop me from being taken by such profound words. Since the day you’re born, your parents have an idea of who they want you to be. Marketers know how they want you to think so you buy, bankers want you to spend so you’re in debt, politicians want to influence your beliefs to vote, lovers want  to see you in their own image and on and on. We come into this world trying to find ourselves in the face of such powerful external influences that you can’t help but wonder when you’re truly being yourself. You can waste a lifetime trying to find purpose in someone else’s story…

A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.” – WarGames

Are you willing to disappoint, are you willing to be selfish, are you prepared to be an individual, perhaps even an outcast? It seems the path to the self is full of negative connotations but are you willing to do what it takes, are you willing to be Howard Roark to make your name?

For me it’s music. Some people call it an escape but to me it’s more like tuning in, it’s not fading away it’s more real than our commonly accepted reality…

You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” – Lennon 

I’ve been listening to LMDM Mars while writing this and that’s what it makes me feel, it makes me want to make a greater effort to be me. It makes me want to be around people who are themselves, express themselves without inhibition and not in the childish loud phony way either.

And it took so long to be on my own, when the morning comes I hope your ready for it… – RAC

This version of LMDM moves like a seasoned marathon runner, pacing him/herself with masterful precision. Like a kid who read The Tortoise and The Hare and decided you could be both and win. LMDM break all the rules, follows no guidelines and sets no precedents. No two tapes have ever been the same and the adventure will be an evolving, ever-growing limitless form of expression that inspires me and so many to create in the same way. We’re going to be making a big push here, with some new things coming in the near future but today we’re saying thanks again to Steph for continuing to put together one of the most consistently dope and unique mixtapes out, we’re grateful to bring it to ya’ll, enjoy.

UPDATE: LMDM Mars is streaming live @ Tune in quick fast.



  1. Millionyoung – Hammock
  2. Deorro – Five Hours
  3. RAC – Ready For It (Feat. St. Lucia)
  4. Black Atlass – Blossom
  5. Faul – Happy Endings
  6. Ricoshëi – Perfect Like You (Stereotronique Bootleg Remix)
  7. Yacht – Psychic City (Clasixx Remix)
  8. Roosevelt – Around You
  9. We Were Evergreen – Daughters
  10. London Grammar – Hey Now (Tensnake Remix)
  11. Black Atlass – Paris
  12. Still Corners – The Trip


EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2 c by Ryan Radler

I was in complete denial about summer ending till I went to the Caribbean this weekend and felt that amazing Cabarete beach weather – yeah summer is over. I’ve been traveling a lot my whole life, there’s something about waking up in different countries within a matter of days that does it for me. I’ll never take that for granted and music has made it possible so cheers to that.

I woke up this morning still feeling like an islander but regaining my New York State of Mind and the first thing I did was put on the new anti-winter tape. The weather in NYC is fantastic, it’s in that perfect limbo between hot and cold, it feels like change and this new tape compliments that to perfection. The opening sequence here is wonderful, Trophy Wife to Poolside’s blissful cover of Harvest Moon and then Fleetwood Mac and on and on, all I could do was lay in bed with a smile. Ryan has a knack for blending traditionally unrelated beautiful music in a way you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else and I highly appreciate it.

We sparked a doobie at like 8 am on Sunday morning after our DJ set with the one of the executives behind the weekend long event. Long story short, he was telling us how his companies creative approach is to introduce people to art they’re not familiar with. He goes out of his way to fly in acts from around the world to give the Dominican audience something new and refreshing. I loved hearing that and listening to Ryans eclectic selection brings me right back to that moment. Life is full of endless possibilities, limitless offerings and  keeping an open mind to explore all of it makes ones experience that much richer. Anyways, press play in the latest installment of anti-winter, start your day off in style and expand those musical horizons, enjoy.

S U M M E R : a n  t i – w i n t e r 2c

2. Harvest Moon  – POOLSIDE
3. Sweet Little Lies – FLEETWOOD MAC
4. Strange Days – THE DOORS (THIEVERY CORP.)
5. Chlorophyl – MILLIONYOUNG
6. So Free (Feat. Paula Abdul) – SHINE 2009 (JENSON SPORTAG MIX)
7. Surf Erie – MONSTER RALLY
9. Sun Goddess – HENRY MANCIINI
10. Southern Shores – BONFIRE
11. Record Collection (Perseus Karaoke Mix) – MARK RONSON ( PERSEUS MIX)
12. Self Control (Young Empires remix)
13. ’99 Style – POKA
14. Beach Slalom – BOS ANGELES
16. The Devil Gives Me Everything Except What I Need – WILLIE WEST
17. Promise Me Eternity – MOOD RINGS

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2 c by Ryan Radler by Et Musique Pour Tous


Memoryhouse – To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix)

I heard the original To The Light House before I left for Cali and the remix when I got back to New York. It was then and there that I learned how much I don’t like NYC winters anymore. I’m a very visual person and aesthetics can have a pretty big impact on the way I feel. That said, I’ve been realizing that there’s just not that much inspiring nature in the city and with all the girls covered up there just isn’t much to look in general. Thankfully, there are songs like this to let me daydream while I look at this concrete jungle.

Memoryhouse is a fairly new guy & girl team and they’re also very big aesthetics, in fact a big part of their music is their photography. I was digging this Millionyoung remix and wanted to know more about this dreamy sound so I found an interview and was impressed by the way they approach their music and so on. Check it out…

Memoryhouse – To The Light House (Millionyoung Remix)


MASSES: Thanks for joining us. Firstly tell me how you guys met and began playing together?
MEMORYHOUSE: Denise used to be a concert photographer, and she and I would run into each other at shows. We became friends pretty quickly; I think our creative output—her photography and my music—shared a common aesthetic, so it only felt natural to collaborate on something.

MASSES: Who have some of your inspirations been along the way?
MEMORYHOUSE: Obviously bands like My Bloody Valentine Galaxy 500, Cocteau Twins are influences that are easy to trace back to us, but we’re also really inspired by Philip Glass, Tim Hecker, Boards of Canada, Suicide, Faust, etc.

MASSES: You guys are obviously pretty artistic people. Any other creative outputs?
MEMORYHOUSE: Denise and I both love photography and it’s something that we consciously try to incorporate into Memoryhouse. We’re both visual people, so I guess that’s why we’re always trying to connect photography and film into our music somehow. Denise also likes to do crafts, she made me a sailboat.

MASSES: With all these different genre names floating around nowadays, what would you class Memoryhouse as?
MEMORYHOUSE: Chillwave has been a term associated with us from early on, and we’re fine with it because it seems to be more of a response to the type of imagery the songs elicit, although I wouldn’t necessarily place ourselves in that genre. I guess a song like “To the Lighthouse” or “Lately” provoke a certain visceral response in people—there’s a “dreamy” quality to it. At the same time though, the songs are somewhat neurotic and paranoid. I guess we get away with it because the level of dissonance between the sound and the content is so defined; “Sometimes I’m pulled away from my own misery” takes on a different meaning. Genre qualifications generally reflect a kind of subjective interpretation of trends and popular opinion rather than specific qualities and attributions, and I guess having a band name with “memory” in it bears certain associations.


MillionYoung – Cynthia


If I was having a “chillwave” day, I’d wake up to a little Washed Out, spend the afternoon with Toro y Moi, and then head out for a night of no expectations, but endless possibilities with MillionYoung.

I’ve totally jumped on this “chillwave” bandwagon.  So when MillionYoung was brought to my attention, I wasn’t surprised that I took an immediate liking to the faraway, synthy sounds.

MillionYoung is one-man act Mike Diaz, who debuted his first and appropriately-titled Sunndreamm EP this past September, which you can download for free here.  And in just a few days, on January 19th to be exact, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Be So True EP.

Like Washed Out – which has become the band that every other “chillwave” act is measured against – MillionYoung is balmy and atmospheric.  However, more fitting comparisons can be drawn to the likes of Toro y Moi – not only because MillionYoung is sprinkled with electro-pop goodness, but also because both feature just one brave soul exploding into colorful sound.

MillionYoung makes me feel like I am right there hanging out with Diaz, but in this super-enhanced sensory experience.  Transparent Blog captured this feeling best when writing about the song “Soft Denial” — ” a new bubbling underwater delirium-disco partypopper… the drowsy, tidal melancholy of its opening reverb-splashed guitar strains eventually opening out into a pulsating juggernaut of humid electro-house like it was no big thing at all.” (For the record, I love everything Jack Shankly writes on this site.)

MillionYoung will be in New York at Glasslands on March 11th and Pianos on March 12th.  Meanwhile, check out two of my favorite tracks…

MillionYoung - Cynthia

Also, Transparent has the song “Soft Denial” (which I love) from the forthcoming EP here.

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