Music Remixes

Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Remixed)

First and foremost, apologies for the tardiness, but New Years eve took its tole, as the night blended into the dusk, and dusk into the day. As they say, work hard, party harder, right?

Well, if I had a pickle for every time I heard a band, loved the music, and despised the singer, I would have my own network of pickle farms. For example (no pun intended), Example released Watch The Sun Come Out last summer, and a few seconds into the song I was loving every bit … until the flaccid rap hit the tape. Gutted as I was at the time, I had a feeling sooner or later, other people would relate and sort some solid remixes out. Dicho y hecho. A month ago, my fellow party trooper Mei Ling sent me Moam’s remix of the aforementioned song, from the Global Underground 2010 compilation. I’m quite picky when it comes to House, but this song satisfied the amendments I believed the song needed from the start. Deeper drops, better paced rises and no half-assed raps to kill the mood.

A little research lead me to Devil’s Gun Zeitgeist’s Remix. Now this is my cup of tea, with a more interesting use of samples and a solid electro vibe, raunchy synths and all. DGZ seems to simply add more originality to the remix, and even though Moam’s version works in its own way, its too close to the original.

Most people nowadays rate a good night when they no longer know if its too late or too early, and this song fits in perfectly with that approach to night life.

Hey. Good morning. Watch the sun come up, it’s calling. I want another day with you.”

I suggest anybody interested in production keeps an eye out for each DJ’s distinct use of dynamics. The instrumentation and orchestration of each track even give them a drastically different tempo vibe, even though the BPM doesn’t differ to such a large extent.

Well, enough of technical mumbo jumbo. Let’s do what we do best, sit back and enjoy. And again, Creme de la Creme for 2010.

Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Moam Remix)

Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Devils Gun Zeitgeist Remix)