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Nicolas Jaar – And I Say (Xinobi Edit)

Nico the Neophyte. The sultan of sultry. Scholar by day, panty dropper by night. Nicolas Jaar has got the touch. Is he the Michael Jordan of EDM/Indie Dance/Whatever? No, not really (that’s Madeon, I suppose?). He’s more like the John Stockton (or Ricky Rubio, for modernity’s sake). Rocking shorts higher than most ballers got their boxer briefs. Throwing no look passes with the flick of a wrist. Tossing up underhanded free throws. It’s not in your face with brashness, but it’ll blind you with sleek classiness. In other words: Nico’s music is pretty much the antithesis of banging electronic music.

The sound of Nico is an acquired one. It took me about 10 listens to his work before I got it. It’s overwhelmingly weird–but that’s what makes it good. Nico’s swagger is entirely different than anything else coming out of anyone anywhere. The sparcity, the vulnerability, and the dexterity with which he manipulates a beat is freakish. The non-conformity of his sound is clear to anyone with ears, and really, most people will detest it upon first listen.

I played one of his tracks at an after party a few weeks ago and was met with a unanimous response of “turn this crap off.” In life, it’s hard to understand and accept anything we’re unfamiliar with it. But when that novel experience clicks, when you have that moment of “getting it”, you feel no pain.

Xinobi, Discotexas maven (and really, one of the predecessors of “nu disco”) treated his fans to a DJ-set friendly edit that kicks things up a notch with some bongos emanating tropical disco undertones. The Portugese power keeps the track’s integrity alive while making it a little more dance floor friendly. Get loose. Get Balearic. Get Nico-dined.

Nicolas Jaar – And I Say (Xinobi Edit)


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