Mother – Easy

Life isn’t easy. Is that statement even relevant anymore?

At this very moment, I can go downstairs (I’m in Manhattan) and order a  juice containing some of the most nutritious vegetables in existence. All I have to do is tell the clerk what I want and he’ll make it or it’s already made, it’s that easy. Think about that for a second, that juice I can so casually order represents thousands of years of trial and error, humans exploring the world, poisoning themselves to see what was actually edible, figuring out how to use it for nutrition and medicine to survive, how to store it over time, how to grow it in abundance, then how to ship and distribute it, and all we have to do is order it over the counter. That little 12 ounce juice in your hand represents a process that took 200,000 years to develop, do you understand how futuristic your organic juice is, do you get that magnitude of that?

That’s just one example but that trial and error has happened in nearly every single aspect of human life and while there’s still so much to improve and refine, we’ve pretty much figured out how to survive. So two things can happen now, one is we use all this new-found time and ease to live more, explore, enlighten and take our inner power to full capacity. Two is we sit around and create manufactured realities, worry about irrelevant issues and disrespect the 200,000 years it took to create a world where literally everything is easier than it has ever been.

Aside from people with real medical and mental issues we’re at a time in history where we’re the ones who make life hard. I recently saw a video on YouTube about a girl who mentally and physically abused her boyfriend for liking a picture of another girl on Instagram – see it here. Her fear had her telling people that he abused her so he filmed her talking her craziness and hitting him…

Dog, are you fucking kidding!?

With technology we’ve gone from snails to supreme beings but we still act like it’s day one. We haven’t yet learned to run at full speed with our new-found power and understanding of the world. That guy is the victim of the cultural past and many guys and girls alike, myself included have been victims of these type of people, victims of not understanding that you can just move on. It was harder in the past but this problem has also been solved, we have access to literally millions of potential partners in the palm of our hands. That’s not an exaggeration. This is the Space Age, we’re not just human anymore, we haven’t been for a long time and while that’s a difficult concept to comprehend it’s a powerful one. 200,000 years of really fucking hard work has led to a time where life doesn’t have to be hard. This isn’t day one and if we really educate ourselves, live fearlessly and be grateful for all that has come before us we can take full advantage and truly live like no one before us ever could. Taking advantage of that is what it’s all about, enjoy.

Mother – Easy