Haim – My Song 5

I’ll be up, going through crazy shit I did for you
In my mind, in my head, seeing all the words unsaid

After all the words are said, when everything dies down — the calm after the storm — what are we left with? Our thoughts are just left to fester. We’ve all been there, sitting, replaying in our minds what could have been said; the perfect composition is too often belated. Regardless, the best thing to do after a bad situation is to be proactive. Perhaps write a badass song about it! That’s what the Haim sisters did, and the outcome is glorious. The lyrics of “My Song 5” suggest heartbreak over lies and mistrust, and when sung, offer a strong, retaliative message of independence.

“My Song 5” is an enigmatic outlier amongst the array of energetic tracks on Haim’s “Days Are Gone”. I’m immediately entrapped by the sharp, somber beats, strong female vocals, and yet there’s something else. Maybe it’s the deep tuba that’s really got me absorbed. The trio work extremely well togheter, especially on stage. What really sparked my devotion to their music was seeing them live. Twice wasn’t enough; both performances merely left me yearning for more. I was left speechless and shaking my head in disbelief of their talent. If you have the chance to see them, for goodness sake, take it!! These sisters are doing something right. With influences by Fleetwood Mac, Motown, and 90’s R&B, their unique sound will have you hooked.

I’ve been lied to.
So what’s the truth?

I’m going to tell you the truth.. Haim is a band you won’t regret making time for. They’re on tour now, so go get your ticket! Bring a friend or go alone, but you’ll probably be so engrossed in their essence it’ll feel like only you four in the room.

Haim – My Song 5