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Nas — It Ain’t Hard To Tell (From the Leafs Remix)

Because nobody ever gets mad about Nas, right? This is my: ‘fuck you and all your bullshit‘ tune for today. It’s a classy remix of Nas‘ classic “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” that’s perfect for a classy Friday. Tonight I shall be wining and dining with a gorgeous girl in one of the city’s swankier […]

Lovebox – London 2014

I don’t know how to start this shit, yo…” It is truly an experience to walk around Victoria Park, London during Lovebox, the DJ and hip-hop festival held each summer. The line-up was enough to attract half of London, primarily the group you find in the early hours of the city’s night spots. The grounds […]

Et Musique Pour Tous Presents: Les Auteurs — Cyrus Pavel

But you know this already, my hood the coldest and deadlySoldiers is ready, I am boastful, forgive me”—NAS My play list represents “perspective“. Lately, some of you have been deeming us:—“Music Elitists“. Now, let me tell you why it really doesn’t bother us when you YELL it our way: New York City, a.k.a., the “Melting Pot“,  is the […]

EMPT Classics: Say Goodbye to Hollywood

No I’m not leaving LA but I was curating the music for a latin restaurant called Paladar Latin Kitchen this morning and I came across one of my al time favorite songs – La Fama by Hector Lavoe. The song is about Fame and all it’s complexities, a salsa classic. In this world, when you chase something […]

NaS – Back When

You love to hear the story, how it all got started…” Something about this verse hit me hard today. I grew up in Harlem during the 90’s, during Giuliani which means it wasn’t the prettiest of times but it wasn’t the 80s. NYC was tough if you were a sucker, but for most people in […]

Nas — Bye Baby

2012 was a year of newfound loves, and so many ones gone astray.  It was a year of new beginnings, and endings that were a long time coming.  It was a year of beautiful births and painful deaths.  It was as beautiful as it was tumultuous, and as profound as shallow.  But, if you are […]

Nas – Cherry Wine

Remember when Nas was just a baby MC? Illmatic was released almost 20 years ago, and here he comes again with a flow you can’t deny. Nas has been ranked as high as #4 on lists of the greatest MCs, and his new album, Life is Good is an exercise in emotional recovery and acceptance. Cherry Wine is simple and smooth with […]

Kevin Casey’s Sample Saturday – Roy Ayers et Nas & DMX

You are looking at the man himself Roy Ayers.  In a time frame of almost 50 years (dating up until the present), Ayers has been releasing and working on projects spanning almost every genre of music.  The handful of Roy Ayers sampled beats I have made in my day never got placed onto albums, but […]

Kool G Rap – Fast Life (Feat. Nas)

The time has come. We gotta expand, the whole operation, distribution. New York, Chicago, LA. We gotta set our own mark…” I always like to look for inspiration in weird places and its crazy how a certain event or relationship can make you more determined than ever. This life game has a certain knack for […]