Vibes – New Light

They say wanting something bad enough is all you need to make it happen. That that hunger is more important than anything else, even love, preparation or academics. Yearning for that new light and always being one step away from it. Almost, but not exactly there. We’ve all been there, or at least know someone that has.

But let’s not get too deep, because the Vibes collective’s debut single is nothing but good vibes and a helluva catchy tune. I discovered Vibes after looking into G Templeton & Alex Slavin‘s One Look.

They say that this is pool party disco but I can’t seem to not feel the heavy 80’s influence from the synth work to the vocal nuances of a time where singing was more than enunciating words but actually feeling them. The song’s hook and chorus are so catchy that I dare you not to find yourself singing them in your head after the first play.

“Then I stepped to left,
you stepped to the right
You shook your hips a little,
Puckered you lips a little.
Then I stepped to the right,
You stepped to the left.
You looked into my eyes,
Said you look different.
 And sometimes when you arrive, you disappear.
Sometimes no said answers ring in through your ears.

I said, oh, baby.
I’ve been waiting
For a new light
To shine down on me.”

If their debut single is this fun, I cannot wait to see what they have in store next. It makes me look forward to their forthcomeing EP Animal Spirits.
I am officially dubbing them: the next nudisco-eternal-summer-vibe band.
Vibes – New Light