Goodknight Keaton Feat. Mereki – Next to Mexico

At its core, music is pure escapism. If you strip away all the fluff, people put on a record to transport their thoughts–to slip out of the now and into the past, the future, and to fantasy land. Whether I’m closing my eyes and envisioning a stroll on the moon (thanks Pink Floyd) or Margaritas from dawn till dusk (thanks Jimmy Buffet), the right music with a distinct vibe always whisks me away.

Destination I is pretty simple: The Beach. And when I think of recent bands and albums that have allowed me to do exactly this on many weekends with many friends with many libations, Miami Horror is at the top of that list.

Along with Bag Raiders’ self-titled album, the Horror‘s “Illumination” was a genuine masterpiece that I find myself returning to over and over again, filled with those perfect summery vibes from down under. But with a touch of enough storminess and soul to remain something more than just “more tropical disco.”

While Miami Horror has gone into a radio silence for over two years now, one member of the band, drummer Aaron Shanahan, is showing signs of life in the form of a side project, “Goodnight Keaton.”

“Next to Mexico” is a summer jam that signifies that start of summer in Australia and can keep those embroiled in the sub-32 freeze of winter a little hot and sweaty. It’ll make you wish you were–yes–on an island next to mexico. More importantly, this could be a signthat the Horror‘s creative juices are flowing and that they’ll soon be breaking their silence before the apocalypse…

Goodnight Keaton Feat. Mereki – Next to Mexico