Night Tales – Friends

I love music and I love good causes, so it’s amazing to see those worlds collide on this brand new Night Tales track. The Australian duo delivers some really uplifting vibes that make you want to grab a friend and dance in the living room or head for a night out. Either option is viable for some hazy house! This one also comes with a really inspiring music video featuring a young man from a charity called AIME dancing around without a care in the world. It’s a string of scenes that should immediately put a smile on your face if the song itself wasn’t already doing the job. I can’t put into words how inspiring it is to see someone across the world physically moving to “Friends” exactly how I imagined! We may be on different continents but how we feel music is the same.

There’s a force that runs through humans that makes us perceive events and manifest events on a global scale. When one person puts their intention into good or evil or anything in between, it adds to the collective consciousness. Evil needs to be confronted head on, for sure, but putting positive energy into the world’s radar will slowly but surely help the entire human race reap the benefits. Contributions like “Friends” can be felt as their impact moves from the creator, to the viewer, to those around the viewer as the positive vibes they affect move from person to person like a domino effect. Take a moment today to put your well-intentioned thoughts out there and watch as the world shines a little bit brighter.

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