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Falcon Punch & Pixelated – Flying High

It’s been over three years since EMPT introduced the world to the sound of Falcon Punch. Since then, the now Boulder-based Colorado producer has made a habit of popping up a couple times a year to release re-imaginations of old school, feel good tracks. Typically, Falcon Punch tackles really obscure tracks–or parts of tracks–and gives […]

Nina Simone – Take Care of Business (Pilooski Edit)

There’s something urgent about this song, and I think it’s because of that stomping beat that stays with us throughout. It demands our attention while piquing our curiosity. Sometimes I get really geeky about music and think of it in mathematical ways, with lines and graphs…parabolas come to mind, too. Why? I have no idea. […]

Nina Simone – How It Feels To Be Free (Live @ Montreux 1976)

You know how in the Fountainhead Gail Wynand has an art gallery with some of the worlds greatest works that no one but him is allowed to see? The reasons are very interesting and I’ll explain later but when my friend Nate sent me this magical video of Nina Simone imaging the beauty of true […]