YACHT – Shangri La

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the beauty of YACHT play out on stage before my eyes. The first time I heard this band was probably last summer. My friend showed me Psychic City and while we made fun of it for a little, it slowly began to grow. Something about the punch in all of their beats made them totally lovable.

Similarly, their live performance is a spectacle. Their songs are upbeat, constantly reminiscent of summer. That is to say, listeners might feel like letting the convertible top down, getting rid of that pony tail, and driving down the Pacific Coast on a warm earthly day. The best part of the concert was not only the imminent dance party, but the lead up: the other two members of the band that are not Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans, are equally talented and fun. Jeffrey Jerusalem and Bobby Birdman, unknown to the crowd as solo performers (or even as members of the band, a fact that I had only learned at the concert) succeeded in winning over everyone’s hearts by playing “songs about surfing” (cited by Bobby Birdman after almost every single one of his songs) and Beyonce tracks from Jeffrey Jerusalem, quickly spun out of control with electronic beats and drumming that involved full body movements. Both managed to get the crowd moving and amped on the headliners, but seeing the mechanics of YACHT as opening solo acts really gave a sense of the personality of the band that is so loved. Each puzzle piece fit together to create the Portland band constantly calling things, “cool” while openly expressing love and remarking on beauty to audience members.

Anyways, I brought a friend along who told me afterwards that seeing YACHT live was probably the most fun she’d had at a concert…ever. Something about the spunky constant Q&A posed by Evans during moments of potential distress (equipment malfunctions) or times when members of the band would come down into the audience and whip out lighters during encore songs…(yes, this happened) seemed to set this performance and dance fest apart from others. And I personally couldn’t agree more.

This video is properly timed with their tour, as it was recently released. As it is not summer, I find this video appropriately reminiscent of the warm months we’re so craving here in New York City. Maybe it’s the platform sneakers and white wardrobe paired with the hazy tree images…or maybe not.

Added bonuses: a sweet remix of Noah and the Whale’s “Blue Skies” by YACHT. It’s adorable and “happy, happy, happy, happy,” as you’ll hear in the song. Also their Stereolab remix, it’s fun and head boppy.

Noah and the Whale – Blue Skies (YACHT Remix)

Stereolab – Self Portrait With Electric Brain (YACHT Remix)


Music Remixes

Noah And the Whale – Tonight’s The Kind Of Night (RAC Mix)

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise by now but we expect RAC (Andre Allen Anjos) to release a gem every time he puts  his touch on a song. His newest mix of Tonight’s the Kind of Night just adds to the extensive remix collection he’s already shared to the world. The original track from Noah and the Whale was already a fun track I enjoyed but he escalated the track to a new level. The steady beat throughout compliments the melody and vocals from which reminds us all, change can occur in just one night or even in one simple moment. I really enjoy his distinctive touch on  his releases and this mix is another prime example of why we should continue to expect greatness from Mr. Anjos.

As for Noah and the Whale, I caught them at the Troubadour in West Hollywood the other month and they are such an enjoyable chill live band with a humble approach to their music which shines through their live performances. This track is absolutely perfect for the summer season and should put everyone that listens in a jovial mood.

Because tonight’s the kind of night
Where everything could change
Tonight’s the kind of night
Where everything could change”

Noah and the Whale – Tonight’s the Kind of Night (RAC Mix)

– Joel

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