Noisettes – That Girl

Gosh I’ve been waiting for Noisettes to come out with a new track for ages! I’ve been a fan of this musical force for years now, I guess it was in high school where it all began though. I remember falling hard for the edgy lead vocals of Shingai Shoniwa because at the time there was truly nothing else like that on the music sphere. At least nothing that caught my attention in such a way.

Now the group has returned with this adorably catchy old school vibe of a track, and I couldn’t be more in love. For me, they’re definitely on the same level in terms of energy and talent as The Heavy. I guess the reason the two match each other in my mind is because they’re doing really similar things with music right now: working off the foundation of an older sound but revamping it and making it their own. The argument can be made that all sounds are taken from classics, and re-manufactured into something new, but I would actually argue against that. There are musicians whose sound truly strives for something else. It looks forward, rather than working off the successful waves of what the foundation has created. This means that risks need to be taken, and that sometimes leaves listeners disappointed. But when it’s done right, when the right amount of talent and honest soul is put into the music, the final product is fabulous.

But this is a conversation that I am constantly having, one that has several levels of complexity, where no answer is necessarily right. The fact that we even address this notion at all, is part of what makes music so beautiful. The language that not everyone can speak, but one that everyone can discuss.

Anyways, enjoy this charming little track from the Noisettes. Perhaps we all know the subject matter of this song, too. I know that it’s rang all too true in my life as well as my friends lives as of recent: the best friend we’re in love with. It hurts, and it doesn’t go away because we just want to stay being friends with them. They’re fun to be around, and they’re so perfect for you. It’s such a bittersweet feeling and subject matter, but Shingai Shoniwa and her band mates throw a sweet little tune to it, so we almost don’t realize how much it sucks to be that best friend.

That girl’s in love with you
That girl’s in love with you
I know that you’re too blind to see
I know that it’s so plain to see
That girl’s in love with you so madly.”

Reminisce. Wallow. Breathe. Laugh.

Most importantly, enjoy!

Noisettes – That Girl