NoMBe – Wait

Let’s make it last forever ‘cause the night’s still young.”

There’s an image here. It’s the one of carefree young people skinny-dipping. They’re riding around in a convertible now, their hair blowing in the wind, next they’re jumping boldly over the caution tape. Like in that movie.

This kind of euphoric reverie is what NoMBe conjures expertly. Since Change of Hearts and California Girls (sans remix) he’s been able to momentarily snatch me up from reality and carry me into a steady hip-swaying daze. Wait’s waves build subtly and crash sleepily under its soothing soundscape.

As long as we’re together, this moment lasts forever”

Remember that scene where Emma Watson stands up in the back of a pick-up truck while her friends drive, with her arms spread open much like Jesus Christ? She doesn’t have a care in the world and is willing to risk being decapitated by the tunnel’s unenthused cement for that one free, ecstatic moment. Of course, she saves her head by the purest power known to man: youthful radiance.

Remember that time that young man was decapitated subway surfing last month?

Often, art offers illusion. It doesn’t show the safety cables attached to Watson and it doesn’t sing about the consequences that come with letting yourself get swept up in fantasy. I’m wary of a scene or a song that tells me I’ll live forever. It’s a shiny premise that makes some young people desperate to prove their youth matches that of the electric night – the one that urges a dive into the glittery mystique darkness provides.

The deception in this paradigm is that we are like the night. But unlike us, the night will always be reborn once it dies at sunrise.

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NoMBe – Miss Mirage

Miss Mirage…if I had a nickel for every one of those.

Lovers who fade in and out of our lives like translucent visions in incalculable distance. Funny how we assign meaning, value, and STORY to love before it actually exists. We construct it like a pyramid in our minds prior to any tangible evidence — it is the fairytale trophy we all crave.

How many times have you met someone, or dated someone, or f*cked someone and given the relationship the fantasy of a real future, only to realize it was as far from love as earth from the sun. A million miles. Incalculable distance. Another hallucination, as real as a lover’s lips but evaporating when you lean in for the kiss.

And yet the inherent darkness, the loneliness, the solitude of love’s mirage also demonstrates the beauty of the spectrum of human emotion. The heartache of love’s lack assigns us the duty of finding love. Which after all is the quest of the human condition is it not?

Why do we exist? Why do we strive on this planet? Not for money, not for glory ultimately…but for love. To fail a million times as mirages confuse and twist us, but to finally find love — to finally arrive.

Nombe’s song encapsulates this profundity. The shambling broken soul of the first guitar twang is as familiar to us as realizing the man or woman we’ve been dating is NOT the one.

So we grudgingly return to the task at hand, embrace our old friend Miss Mirage, knowing that days or years down the road love’s truth will sit in our hearts, and she’ll be gone to plague someone else.

I will never dream of your love till you take me there.” – Kiesza

Music Poetry

I Don’t Want To Make Love

I don’t want to make love. The energy of the world right now for whatever reason is not of love but of passion. I don’t want to caress you, I want to fuck you. I want you passionately, not passively and by you I mean everything. Now is not the time to settle for good enough, that attitude is what got us here in the first place. If that’s what you want kill yourself and do the world a favor. Life is the most beautiful, magical and exciting dream any of us could imagine, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Look at nature and you’ll see god is real. Watch the sunrise and witness your creator.

I don’t want to love right now. I want to express originality and these days love is nothing but a holiday.

I don’t wanna buy no more, your shit ain’t getting me high no more.” -Travis Scott

I want to fuck, I want to grab life, turn her around and lose my mind in passion, lose my mind in insatiable desire for more.

The world around us is a physical manifestation of the ultimate creation. Go to the park today, leave your phone at home and keep your head up; take deep breaths and keep your eyes open. Then look at the sky, look at the trees, look at the shadows on the leaves, notice the light and witness God creating right in front of your eyes.

Song: “Letting In” by Beauville