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Capital Cities – Nothin’ Compares 2 U

To identify with a track means several things. One, you are trusting in an artists’ capability to dictate your emotions. This is first and foremost. Two, you feel something while listening to the track. That’s the part where your emotions are in someone else’s hands. Whether you feel terribly, euphoric, or like listening to the same track all day, acknowledge those emotions. Let the lyrics permeate your soul if you start to feel one way, and sink in all the way. You have nothing to lose.

Capital Cities tackles the noteworthy Sinead O’Connor track with a funky and loving edge. There’s nothing ballad about this song, except perhaps for the breakdown at the chorus. I wouldn’t even call that ballad-like. It’s more of a build-up to a steep and steady mellow flow, complete with trumpet and tambourine. The ending is just as abrupt as the shift from fast-paced funky to dramatic lyrical admittance. By beginning with a distant beat that comes in after the first :23 seconds, the song slowly winds up to an already timeless and happy masterpiece.

To be compared to a past lover is to continue living in one direction, which is fine in some regards. But for the purpose of where I’m at in life right now, it causes me to reflect. There’s nothing that we can do about emotions, all we can do is acknowledge them. We must, it’s only when we deny that we hurt ourselves more. So if you’re all hung up on an aspect of the past, be hung up on it. But like Mollie said in last week’s Aretha Franklin post, if you’re a step ahead at all times by being aware, then you’re a step in the right direction. Not that I’m suffering heartbreak necessarily at this moment, but that notion can be applied to any emotional aspect of life. And I think it’s one that’s always best kept in mind.

What are you hung up on this week? I hope it’s something that you aren’t denying. Embrace it, and keep moving forward.

Capital Cities – Nothin’ Compares 2 U