Your Best Warpaint is Your Smile.

ram dass

Once upon a time several years ago I was walking down the street in Manhattan. I’d just gotten out of my 8 am class and was feeling pretty blurg, ambling and spacing as usual. Out of nowhere a Tibetan Buddhist monk crossed my path on the sidewalk and flashed me the biggest, most genuine smile. I’d never felt such warmth from a stranger– especially walking the streets of NYC. Automatically I grinned right back at him, reciprocating the love if only for a second due to the transitory nature of the experience.

After this brief encounter I found myself unable to inhibit myself from smiling at everyone for several hours. Kinda creepy, yeah. But also a really fun social experiment. Still buzzing in my mini-state of euphoria, I posted up at a coffee shop and indulged in manic writing mode for a couple of hours; suddenly the whole big city- lonely people paradigm started to make some sense to me:

A city saturated by individualistic drive and ambition, it’s easy to get lost in your own head while walking down the street. I-Me-Mine, I-Me-Mine, I-Me-Mine. We confabulate and thus, precipitate our own suffering all day err day. It sucks, but it’s human nature and the whole point is to figure this out. You are free to choose your experience— adjust your focus and take what you want from a situation whether it’s through the lens of love (or fear).

“…Why not become the one
Who lives with a full moon in each eye
That is always saying,
With that sweet moon
What every other eye in this world
Is dying to
Hear.” – Rumi


DJ Music Remixes Video

EMPT Presents: BrunchBounce Volume 1 – @TheEspinalien


Hey Hey!  We have a little something special for you all.  Summer is approaching rapidly and that means beautiful weather, sexy bodies, music and mixes to die for, and yup the brunch crowds in full bloom.  Jose knows what this is all about and I don’t have to explain a lot because he did it flawlessly, but what I will say is that panties are going to drop and your weekends and Summer is never going to be the same.  So without further ado I would like to have the pleasure of announcing the Brunch Bounce Radio!

Welcome to our first ever #BrunchBounceRadio monthly mix!! If you heard about the #Brunchbounce or had the pleasure of attending one, you know that the music is eclectic, energetic, and not to mention, AWESOME! Considering that we’re DJ’s ourselves, we take pride in our selections and ability to keep the party going, without playing stuff you hear on the radio. At the end of the day, it’s all about the music.

So without further ado, we present you the first monthly mix by Jose Espinal aka @theEspinalien. He’s one half of the #BrunchBounce creative team, one half of @Spieshouse, and the bald guy with the “Hat”. Enjoy this feel-good summertime mix, guaranteed to make dance in your seat at work, blast it out it the sunroof of your car, or just plain rock out whenever, where ever.

“We’re just here to make you dance.”

1.) Cloud Life – Treasure Fingers
2.)The Wall – Louis LaRoche (J Paul Getto Remix)
3.)OMG – Aniki (J paul Getto Remix)
4.)Blowin’ Up – Treasure Fingers
5.)Solitaire – You got the love (treasure fingers remix edit)
6.)Micheal -Daft Punk
7.)Get Lucky – Daft Punk (Ice hunt remix)
8.)Cross the Dancefloor – Treasure Fingers (chromeo remix)
9.)Take my Hand – Treasure Fingers
10.)Ready, Aim Fire, – Codes (JWLS remix)
11.)One More Time – Daft Punk (DJ AYers remix)
12.)Look Up – Carli
13.)Dance -Rebecca & Fiona (Loops of Fury Remix)
14.)Pay attention to the Drums – Alvaro
15.)Us – Leon Bolier
16.)We are your Friends- Leewise, Dj Exodus
17.)Hit it! – GTA

Before you hit play a little announcement from Jose for your future brunch extravaganzas and a little history lesson on it’s birth:

The BrunchBounce was first conceived by Irvin Benitez @twitaworldpeace on twitterbecause there wasn’t a place for him and his friends to enjoy good music on Saturday afternoon in Washington Heights, NYC.

The first BrunchBounce was launched Memorial Day weekend 2012, and he hired one of his good friends and DJ, Jose Espinal to play @theespinalien on twitter.

After the success of the first party and the response to Jose’s eclectic music selection, Irvin and Jose partnered up to produce the monthly Brunchbounce events. Above all, they strive to maintain a positive, fun atmosphere, playing the most progressive and high energy dance music around. The success of the BrunchBounce and it’s rabid following is attritbuted to it’s fun-loving, unpretentious approach to having a good time. At a BrunchBounce It’s not rare to see gaggles of gorgeous women expressing themselves, crowdsurfing, and raging along their male counterparts. It’s far removed from the bottle-oriented, poser filled environment that has permeated NYC partying in recent years.

The next and biggest BrunchBounce yet will be at La Marina Beach on Memorial Day Saturday, May 25th 2013.


Nicolas Jaar – Boiler Room NYC DJ Set 2013

There’s not much to say here, because there’s a lot to hear. 46 minutes, specifically, of pure blissful listening. When my friend sent this to me, I cleared out 46 minutes just to allow this to happen in my ears, and when I sent it to Hec, he said the same. So, you know it’s a very serious and important journey that will require headphones.

A couple of notes: Nicolas Jaar gets more and more adorable every time he dances. Also, maybe this is a really silly thing to ask, but where do these Boiler Room shows take place? Not at the Boiler Room in the East Village, obviously. Can someone cue me in on this? It looks like sexy times.

Without further ado, enjoy!