Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)



Sometimes at night I get in this mood

And my mind separates from my body and goes swimming

in a quiet pool, suspended weightless

surrounded by the droplet

that reflects the sound of out there.

My body moves still, numbed and soft

skin prickling in the artificial heat

kept close by off-white walls

that pucker in the upper corners

where they meet a ceiling so full of cracks

that it’s easy to imagine slipping up through them

and into the purple night that settles over

town and country and a man walking his dog after a long day of work.

Irresponsibility finds oppression around any corner

and so operates underground, shifting

from house to apartment to highway-side tattoo parlor

keeping ahead of the radio dial

keeping abreast of the novel and wrong.

The old incandescent bulb flickers on at the end of each day

bathing the cracked paint porch in sepia

that casts far enough into the shadows to

bring the rusted pickup into semi focus.

One stray drop ripples the scene

sepia to black and white and back

to the Technicolor of the bathroom mirror

the oily squeak of an old radiator.

Purple arcs in all directions,

a punctured filament, at least one thing you can trust in

to be in its place

until eventually it isn’t and you and all of your friends

feel confused and realize that it didn’t ever affect your life much

at all, but still it’s gone and you aren’t used to that so you call me up

knowing that I won’t answer because I’m swimming

deep in the cave system that winds beneath

the back alleys and rises at a certain point

where you can see for miles

and you can trace the path you took to get there

it seems so long but you know it won’t take

but a few moments to be right back

in the sepia syrup

responsible and clear skinned

and buttoned up with a crisp ironed collar

and purple necktie

walking into glass again

at eight forty five in the morning.

– N

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)


Twin Shadow – Old Love/New Love


Originality is the trait I value above all others in art. I may listen to an endless list of similar-sounding British rock outfits in the car and enjoy every minute of it, but I recognize that these bands aren’t pushing the envelope. I like when an artist takes their medium somewhere it hasn’t gone before.

Tom Scholz, the founder of Boston, invented an entire range of new guitar sounds. Donna Summer and Kraftwerk began the techno movement (from opposite ends of the spectrum, yet at the same time). Steely Dan approached popular music as classical arrangers, literally struggling to find people good enough to play their complex songs. And those are just some musical examples. Consider Raphael, Van Gogh, Hitchcock, Miyazaki, Calder, Hiroshige.

Twin Shadow isn’t on the level of these artists. Not even close. But his utilization of space (a la D’Angelo) in a disco/new wave medium is exciting. And how many songs in those genres have authentic gospel breakdowns?

“Old Love/New Love” is a versatile song. It fits during either commute, at a party, in headphones over work, at the beach. Funky!


What am I supposed to say?
An old love called me yesterday…
And she sounds so sweet.
Why, she sounds so…”

Twin Shadow – Old Love/New Love