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Big Boi – Apple Of My Eye

The intro on this track really caught my ear, and that’s not easy especially when the lyrics don’t come in until 42 seconds, which for me at that point I usually skip to a different track but being a huge fan of Big Boi I knew I was going to hear the unexpected.  The creative […]

Outkast – She Lives In My Lap

I’ve been on a new music kick for the past couple of months, so I figured I’d slow things down a bit and remind everyone where the kings lay. I can’t remember if I’ve talked about this on EMPT before, but I’ve been taking DJ classes for the past couple of months. It’s a decision […]

Jeremiah – 773 Love (Cashmere Cat Edit)

There is refined taste and then there is universal taste when it comes to music in my book. I like to think that mine is a combination of the two, and that most of the people who surround me on a day to day basis are the same way. It’s really exciting to encounter someone […]

Outkast – Ms. Jackson (Jean Tonique Remix)

When Outkast unleashed “Ms. Jackson” on the world in January of 2001, the song immediately became a cross-over smash hit. You couldn’t turn on the radio or TV–Z100 or Hot97, MTV or BET–without hearing or seeing Andre 3000 and Big Boi lay the truth down. “Ms. Jackson” hits such a widespread nerve cause it’s a simple song that […]

OutKast – ATLiens

When it comes to Hip Hop, no one will argue that the boys from Atlanta were in a league of their own. OutKast never made gangsta rap, they didn’t make southern hip hop and they sure as hell didn’t make boom bap, they made OutKast. As fads came and went they continued to deliver unique […]