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Flying Lotus – Parisian Goldfish

Another brushfire belches acrid smoke into our lungs. The city stained with ash, gray as the sky. Last time fourteen young men were swept up in the blaze and killed in an instant. The town held a candle light vigil. Oxygen, in the end. Red sun setting, mirrored in flames that creep up, floor by […]

Little Animal – Everyday

Traditionally, a one-man band is a type of street performer or novelty act, a guy who straps a bunch of instruments to his body, and plays them all at the same time. Hands, feet, teeth…anything goes. In some respects, most classical composers were one-man bands. They just didn’t have the technology to produce music, and […]

Magic Man – Paris

What could possibly be more comforting than waking up and turning on a track like Magic Man’s blissfully-nostalgic track “Paris?” I can’t think of anything except for say waking up next to your lover and playing the track; maybe you’re listening to it over a cup o’ joe. From the moment the piano bounces its […]