PatrickReza – Lights Out (Feat. Abhi The Nomad)

One day I’m writing about dancing with the lights out to “This Is How We Walk On The Moon”, the next day I’m writing about a song called “Lights Out”! Today’s song comes from 23 year old producer Patrick Reza and rapper Abhi The Nomad though, so the vibes are *much* different. And before I go any further, I’ll admit that while I dig electronic music and hip-hop separately, I’m not a fan of hearing them together…but this one is an exception.

Patrick Reza’s production hits so hard, not only during the massive drops, but during Abhi The Nomad’s verses too. It’s one of those songs that goes from making me nod my head to head-banging along like I’m Bassnectar, and damn is that a good feeling! Of course, I also have to give Abhi props where props are due. His lines are simple while just as tough as Patrick Reza’s production (“don’t get in my way, get in my way, or it’s lights out, lights out”), and as a whole, I feel like I could run through a brick wall when “Lights Out” is playing. Now that I think about it, “Lights Out” would actually be perfect for a weight lifting session…time to add this to my gym playlist and up the gains!

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