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G.O.V. – Forever (Produit par Hemingway)

First of all, this song is sick. G.O.V. is one of my favorite unsigned artist for many reasons but mainly because we share a peculiar and idiosyncratic perspective when it comes to love and girls. Forever is an extremely feel good and sarcastic song that represents the ever so complicated ups and downs of love, courtship and dating.

Everyone that’s dated knows how bad that game can be, which makes you value the people you genuinely hit it off with that much more. I’m not one to give in to a girl I don’t really like but when I hit it it off, which pretty much never happens, you know I’ll be doing my part to make sure the girl is always feeling good and that the give and take in the relationship is completely mutual. G.O.V. couldn’t put my light hearted approach to love better…

I’ll take you to the park, play fetch with you and your dog or you and your kid, whatever it is, I’m there till the end… of the song in my heart and a new one begins…”

I think if you take love too serious you won’t have a good time, and that’s a bore. It doesn’t mean don’t value what you have but don’t make it boring or ever let go of the thrill. Girls want to have fun, feel wanted, feel good and they also like guys that are committed but they don’t want to feel held down or like they’re giving up their independence. That’s what this song is about, enjoy.

I had a couple that was cool but none of them was quite like you so I repay you with them favors baby you know what I do… to you…”

G.O.V. – Forever (Produit par Hemingway)




P.S. So the producer of this track, Hemingway posted in our comments. The official news is that this is a bad-ass unauthorized/unclassifiable song that’s picking up buzz in the blogosphere. Fresh.