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Maroon 5 – Love Somebody (Penguin Prison Remix)

Oh, Maroon 5. Here’s the thing, I used to love them so much, back when I was like 14…I think I was 14. And it wasn’t because I was 14, so much as they were actually a fantastic band. I trust my 14 year old judgment a lot. Because you have to, even if you regret certain discoveries, you […]

Churchill – Change (Penguin Prison Remix)

It’s not summer yet, but thank goodness we have music that can take us to a summery place. I don’t know why this song does that for me, but I’ll try to explain. First, Penguin Prison has a way of channeling ocean vibes. Does that sound funny? It is kind of funny I guess, I think I […]

EMPT Classic: Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money (Official Video)

This only seemed fitting considering the way our world is being run as we speak, all the chaos and conspiracies…or are they?  Ha, I really don’t know nor do I like to stress myself out about politics, but man no one is going to play games with ‘my money’! Here is a nice relevant classic […]

Lana Del Rey – Blue Velvet (Penguin Prison Remix)

The original Clovers version penned by Bernie Wayne and Lee Morris was covered by greats of the like of Tony Bennett and Bobby Vinton, both being chart toppers in the 50s. And I think that’s what makes LDR quite the bold and daring one to pick a song like this to cover herself. That said, […]

RAC – Hollywood [feat. Penguin Prison] (Escort Remix)

The grooves! The grooves of it all! This jam is everything to me right now as I finalize my luggage for my trip this afternoon. Sometimes you need a little dance music to amp up your mood just a little bit – like a night cap…only it’s daytime…a day cap, maybe? Anyway, this track has […]

Imagine Dragons – It’s Time (Penguin Prison Remix)

This track is such a great easy listen, what I mean by that it’s up tempo, but chilled out and has some great lyrics that anyone could relate too.  I like a track like this where I don’t have to think it at all and I can digest every piece of it so well.  Also […]

Penguin Prison – Something I’m Not

Last week RAC released a track featuring Penguin Prisons lead man Chris Glover. I didn’t connect with and that’s why you don’t see it here but in the listening process good ol’ iTunes shuffle led me to an overlooked favorite, Penguin Prison’s Something I’m Not. A good friend of mine once told me that great […]

Miike Snow – Paddling Out (Penguin Prison Remix)

I’ve been rocking with the new Miike Snow album but for some reason haven’t felt compelled to post anything. Then this morning Penguin Prison sent me their remix of Paddling Out and well that’s a different story. Penguin Prison brings the song about surfing to the dance floor with their beloved brand of disco-infused synth stabs, […]

Penguin Prison – Multimillionaire (Shook Remix)

These days it doesn’t seem to be about the game anymore, people are too obsessed with all the material things they will get out of the game. I am not just talking about Football and Basketball and all the crap that has been going on with the lockouts, thank goodness that’s all over.  I am […]

Penguin Prison – Don’t Fuck With My Money (Official Video)

This is still one of my favorite songs from 2011 and the theme is more relevant to the current state of affairs than most people know. I’m not really into politics as you’ve probably noticed by now, there are so many layers of power and everything is so cloudy that unless you’re hip to what’s […]