PNAU – The Truth (Sam La More Remix)

Ok so Nick Littlemore and Pete Mayes aka Pnau is back with a new single called The Truth and it’s pretty damn good. The version that everyone is listening to is a remix by Jump Jump Dance Dance and it’s pretty good but the version I’ve been stuck on is the Sam La More Remix and it’s a dream. Sam Littlemore made this bittersweet love song an epic 4am banger. When EMPT was doing our Noctambule parties at Le Souk we had a bunch of kids that literally wouldn’t stop dancing till we took the needles off our records. 3 am would come around, some of the room would clear out but these cats were just getting started. That’s when we would bring out those big beats custom made for that breed of party people. Those are the records with epic arrangements, dramatic build ups, sudden stops, and pretty much orgasmic climaxes. I don’t this remix quite fits that description but the arrangement certainly reminds me of those summer nights. Alright, I really could say a bunch more about this song but I’ve got some meetings and hustling to take care of so peace fools, enjoy.

I thought your were the truth…”

PNAU – The Truth (Sam La More Remix)

PNAU – The Truth (Jump Jump Dance Dance Remix)


PNAU – With You Forever (FM Attack Remix)

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