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SoHo Blond

We shared a cigarette somewhere.” I walked into Mercer Kitchen at about 8:15PM on a cold winter night. I was meeting Jordan and Alberto downstairs for drinks, but of course I was the first one to arrive. At the bar there was only one seat open, so I squeezed my way in and the bartender […]

Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)

So yet again our friends The Chainsmokers have hit us with a banger remix and I feel like it couldn’t be better timing.  Selfishly I feel like it was a birthday present to me since it happens to be in exactly one week..I guess it was just a simple twist of fate since my Taurus […]

Phoenix — Entertainment (Blood Orange Remix)

Despite all of the wonderful energy that has been circulating around NYC lately, and, all the momentum that every single one of my projects seems to be flourishing from, there are times of the day where I just want to indulge in a pensive mood.  I look forward to those moments, as I run up […]

Phoenix – Entertainment

Phoenix is back! Does anything more really need to be said? I remember exactly where I was when I first heard them. It was sophomore year in college and I was sitting on the couch/bed in my friend’s too tiny studio apartment along a Boston street that was lined with apartments that were almost exclusively […]

Broke One Vs Classixx – Nightcallomania (Jorge BOnJOuR Remix)

A few weeks ago we introduced you guys to French/DJ Producer Jorge Bonjour via his now wildly popular Kitsuné Club Night mix.  His style can be described as seamless execution. His mashups, blends and remixes sound so effortless and well done that it’s hard to think of the songs as not going together in the first […]