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Nina Simone – Take Care of Business (Pilooski Edit)

There’s something urgent about this song, and I think it’s because of that stomping beat that stays with us throughout. It demands our attention while piquing our curiosity. Sometimes I get really geeky about music and think of it in mathematical ways, with lines and graphs…parabolas come to mind, too. Why? I have no idea. But when I think of this one visually, I think of a straight line (that’s the stomping beat), and then a squiggly line that intersects every two spaces on the graph with the straight line. There was a word for it in algebra or calculus, but I can’t remember it right now. Thankfully, I’m pretty sure my grade school teachers won’t see this.

Honestly, I have no idea why I had to share that with you guys. Sometimes we get visual associations with songs that are more picturesque, more paint-like, and other times, we see an equation. Sometimes I feel like artists take a calculated approach to pleasing the ears with music, and this song, while lovely and dance-worthy, definitely feels calculated at times. And that couldn’t be further from a negative thing, it’s actually really magical. Music and equations are two separate languages and if there is a way to bring the two together, well then that’s some whole other level of bilingual. Sometimes I wonder if, much like storytelling, there is a process and formula that artists stick to. I think there definitely is, and I think each artist has the option to stick to or sway away from the formula.

I like to think that is how and why we have genres. Let this song power you through your day as you take care of your business and get $h*t done! 

Nina Simone – Take Care of Business (Pilooski Edit)


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Fevrier 2011

There’s a million Valentines day commercials on TV, red is everywhere and I still had no idea it was already February until Steph sent me the lastest installment of LMDM. Who can blame me though, the city’s been dark and cold for who knows how long so I’ve made it my duty to zone out on all things music.

This month Steph is a facilitator because all you want to do while listening is escape to the surreal dreamscape she creates with the song selection and sequencing. Just listening to See of Bees going to Jamie XX to Fleet Foxes will instantly change your environment and put you in an extremely relaxed, balanced and creative mindset. Don’t forget though, this is a Steph mixtape and what goes down must come up and you could start dancing at any time with little to no warning. Once again, Steph kicks it up a notch cooking up a mix fresher than the rest leading me to title Steph and LMDM as your favorite mixtape maker’s favorite mixtape, enjoy.

I discovered Sea of Bees in Rough Trade, London. The opening track on the album is Gnomes, and I thought it was perfect to open the tape with that as well. Her voice is strong and a little different and I think it sets a great tone for February’s mix. Agent A & Omae is another band I found last month that you should definitely check out more on their bandcamp and download their whole album, its amazing. I could say something about each track, but I’ll leave it at that and let you decide which are your new and maybe some old favorites..”

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download


  1. Sea of Bees – Gnomes
  2. Jamie XX – Far Nearer
  3. Fleet Foxes – White Winter Hymnal
  4. Foster the People – Helena Beat
  5. Agent A & Omae – Breathing 2007
  6. Polarsets – Morning
  7. Aydio – Deltitnu
  8. Slowwave – Pour
  9. Wine & Cheese – Make It With You
  10. The Naked & Famous – Young Blood
  11. Starfucker – Born
  12. Vadoinmessico – In Spain
  13. Candy Claws – Catamaran
  14. Tame Impala – Lucidity (Pilooski Remix)
  15. Ratatat – Mi Viejo

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