Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound

I recently found myself climbing a massive hill that overlooks downtown Edinburgh, Scotland. This was after being invited on a girls weekend which somehow came down to two of us, packing our backpacks and running for trains to make a cheap flight up.

The best kind of last minute trip.

It was a 36-hour stint as a side trip on our one-year venture.  We arrive and almost immediately found ourselves in Cabaret Voltaire with stiff vodkas and attractive locals. A DJ hosted from the centre of the room and the crowd heaved in and out retreating to the smoking area only to emerge moments later on heavy rotation. Music in bars like this are always odd and enchanting. Like a dark music pulse that Europeans engage in on the cobbled streets and after hours.

The rest of the trip consisted of an ambitious pitcher, history lessons broken up by Scotch and rain. We woke up early to climb that hill which was Arthur’s Seat. My friend, clad in leotard and mini skirt and I, gnarly California shirt and hangover, made it to the top. Not before picking up a stray German tourist to take up.

The final destination was a bar directly off the hill and en route to retrieve our bags for the airport. It was the quintessential Scottish bar with dirty crushed velvet on all seats and Scottish sayings framed around the doorways. Blessing, cheers and others. “Whisky is liquid sunshine.” We had a sit and were all talking about bigger things. Apparently mountain hiking brings that out. Talks of bucket lists and where we wanted to go next or sometime or whenever was rotated around the table. These conversations are important to have once in a while. Sort out where you are. And where your mind goes. What you tell strangers over a pint says alot.

This song started to play behind us but it is not really a song you just talk over. You stop and think about them. A crush. New or old. Lover. Friend.

Heavy talk and lagers and at the end of a trip like that, I found myself flipping over the decisions made in the past day and year and five years. I think I am a romantic for the unexpected. Bound by a heart on the sleeve.

 “Don’t try to resist
Cause you’re bound
Bound to fall in love”

Ponderosa Twins Plus One – Bound