Poldoore – A Brand New Day (feat. ASM & Balkan Bump)

I’ve known of Poldoore for a minute but this is the first time he’s truly come across my radar and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. This is a total throwback to the glory days of hip-hop that I hold in such high esteem and it’s insane that some of the best contemporary sounds of that genre are coming from across the Atlantic. “A Brand New Day” is a boisterous, bouncy foray into acrobatic spitting from a tag-team of talent as ASM wind their way through bars with unhinged confidence that exudes from each and every word. Poldoore’s production is the perfect groundwork for this as it snaps and pops with each percussive hit, flowing into a colorful brass-draped exhibition of hip-hop at its finest with Balkan Bump putting the finishing touches to drive it all home.

Today’s a brand new day and anything from the past can be reset. Hell, how you were feeling just a second ago can be reset. We have the capacity to make any moment a brand new day if we learn how to truly exist in the present moment. Woke up feeling stressed? Go through all the motions of stress relief in your head and put that shit to rest with the intention to make it evaporate for the day. Feeling mad after a call that didn’t go your way? Take a deep breath, exhale the negative emotions, and inhale positive thoughts. It’s a brand new day if you let it.

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