Pollyn – How Small We Are

One of my new favorite bands is Los Angeles-based trio Pollyn. Aside from having an amazing sound that blends funk, world music, indie rock, pop and just about everything else I love, they make great songs. Their latest single How Small We Are is no exception and it deals with one of my all time favorite topics – perspective…

Problems are relative so I don’t mean to undermine anyones issues but if you’re feeling like the worlds going to end because you’re girlfriend or boyfriend left you I can’t really feel sorry for you. I don’t know if it’s boredom or what but we tend to drive ourselves crazy over the most ridiculous things. Youth and inexperience has a lot to do with it, I mean if you’ve never been through a breakup then there’s no way for you to know that time heals all wounds and you’ll be fine before you know it. Some people never seem to learn though and these sultan off dooms predict apocolyse after little mishap…

Why is it always have to take a make or break for you to alter your perception.
Will we ever learn to learn from the mistakes of past generations?

Life is far from black & white but I’ve come to dwell in a very important though that pretty much eliminated all fear, doubt, insecurity and unnecessary emotion from my life – cause & effect. Now that’s not the most revolutionary concept but often times it’s the simplest things that always overlooked. Cause & effect to me means that we have all the power over what happens to us, our happiness, our love lives, our problems and our successes. Some people like to think life is this mystical thing that we have no control over and thus create this sense of inevitability which leads to the blame game and dumb concepts like fate and misfortune but all that shit is fugazi.

There’s a cause and then there’s an effect. If you sit on your ass everyday watching T.V. and eating nachos you’re health is going to suffer. If you don’t pay your boyfriend or girlfriend any attention, let yourself fall off and don’t make an effort to keep things fresh and interesting, you’re relationship will inevitably suffer. If you slack off at work you won’t advance, etc etc. Look at it this way, time never stops which means the universe is always in constant motion and you’re either moving forward or you’re moving back, NO ONE ever just stands still. Life by definition is function, activity and movement so you gotta stay on it and maintain control.

You may not see it how I do but it’s true, just a spec on a spectrum…”

Anyways, this is one of my favorite jams right now. It’s a great song all around, the video is fresh and I highly recommend getting hip to whatever Pollyn is up to, enjoy.

Pollyn – How Small We Are

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