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Sade – When Am I Going To Make A Living (Poolside’s Tons of Drums Edit)

Futuristic people, that’s what interest me these days, nothing else. Look at how insanely fast technology is advancing. Don’t take your iPhone for granted man, that thing is nothing short of a miracle. My question though is how can we be getting so sophisticated in terms of tech and be a such a snail pace culturally? […]

EMPT Presents: Balearea by Barry Poppins

The kid Barry sent me this literally weeks ago but somehow in the endless waltz of learning, work, music and insatiable hunger for more that’s my life I haven’t been able to sit down and post it, until now. For a quiet guy like me, one who enjoys the dwellings of solitude so much I […]

EMPT Classic: Poolside – Do You Believe

This classic EMPT throwback just seemed appropriate on this gloomy Thursday.  Where I am I?  Believe it or not I am in LA “where the sun is always shining”.  I would love to be by a pool or at the beach right now tanning my tiny little frame and checking out the scenery if ya […]

Poolside – Kiss You Forever

Think about all the ways that we interact with one another, language aside. I’m always raving about body language, but only because it’s a topic of conversation that seems forever present in my mind. I’m fascinated by our ability to relay messages without language, and that’s saying something, because I also love to write. This […]

EMPT Presents – W I N T E R : a n t i – s u m m e r 2 a by Ryan Radler

Ethereal – extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. Press play on Ryan Radlers latest mix tape and that’s exactly how the music will make you feel, immediately. The effect is no coincidence and if you’re hip to the anti-summer/anti-winter concepts then you know that’s what these tapes are […]

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2 c by Ryan Radler

I was in complete denial about summer ending till I went to the Caribbean this weekend and felt that amazing Cabarete beach weather – yeah summer is over. I’ve been traveling a lot my whole life, there’s something about waking up in different countries within a matter of days that does it for me. I’ll never take […]

Poolside – Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover)

When we were strangers, I watched you from affar…” Neil Young’s Harvest Moon is just one those incredibly beautiful songs that captures the absolute essence of love. We get older, we go through some good relationships and some not so great. When things go bad many of us develop a guard and walk around with […]

EMPT Presents – S U M M E R : a n t i – w i n t e r 2A by Ryan Radler

Last week we experienced some major player hating from The Man that eventually led to a subpar release of anti-winter 3A. If you haven’t heard or downloaded that one yet check out last weeks post here and spread the word, the kid Ryan Radler is bringing nothing but heat and something that good should not […]

Poolside – Do You Believe

I’m back in LA, the weather is right, the food is great and the music is perfect. I’ve been traveling so much lately and I love it, there’s nothing like seeing new things and hanging out with new people to enrich your experience. It’s so easy to stay at home, hang out with people you’ve known […]