April March & Aquaserge – Pourquoi Parce Que


Feels like riding a wave back in time to the 60’s, ambling around Jim Morrison‘s old haunt in Venice Beach and reveling in the days where French culture was embraced, as a heavy influence on the flower child movement. Makes me want to emphasize my already Californian accent, man. Let’s talk about peace and sunshine and all that good stuff. Nothing like the fuzzy flow of psychedelic pop sung in French.

An awesome collaboration between April March and Aquaserge, this is like French 1960’s pop meets psych-rock.  The layering harmonies, cutting horn lines, and jutting guitars are complimented by subtle effects; this song is a real trip. Aquaserge is a collaboration of psychedelic proportions, including Tame Impala drummer Julien Barbagallo, Melody’s Echo Chamber collaborator Benjamin Gilbert and Julien Gasc, formerly members of Stereolab. According to their website, Aquaserge is a word play on the French phrase “A quoi ça sert”, meaning what am I for?

April March, whose song “Chick Habit” was featured in Quentin Tarantino‘s cult film Death Proof, describes the sound of their self-titled debut album in a Guardian interview as “a sea voyage from France to New York then by land across the southern route of the States ending on the coast in California with percussive flashes of time travel mayhem along the way.” March, also known as Elinor Blake, was born in NYC in 1965 and says French culture was a major influence in her childhood.  In her own words, “by ’71, in the way of Manson Murders and Black Panther trials, the ’60’s had been slammed shut but for me there could always be France, a fantastic castle in a bubble floating above my dollhouse.”

Released by Benjamin Schoos‘s Freaksville label and mixed by John McEntire of Tortoise in Chicago, this is an eclectic collaboration that will take you on a trip. This is the closest you may come to time travel. Tune in and drop out, man.

April March & Aquaserge – Pourquoi Parce Que