Pretty Sister – New Fire (feat. MarcLo)

Pretty Sister is two for two on summer smashes this year! I’m convinced this dude could write a sexy, sweaty jam with both hands tied behind his back and still deliver like no one else in the music scene. His newest is called “New Fire” and it’s a pure party starter that I can clearly picture playing in a club right on the beach with drinks in the air and any reservations or worries thrown out the window. We’re in the thick of the summer in LA and the city is always in need of a song to let loose to after days of grinding through the desert heat. Fortunately for us, Pretty Sister has that new fire and there’s plenty to go around!

We’re so fortunate to have music like this in our lives that offers such a pure feeling of release. There’s so many ways in our society to mask our stress and frustrations, whether it’s the quick hit of serotonin from a greasy cheeseburger or a night of lowered inhibitions from drinks out on the town, but nothing offers a sense of true comfort quite like music in my life experience. If I want to dance and let loose after an exciting day, I can throw on some funk; if I’m feeling down and out, I can experience catharsis through something heavier. No matter the mood and the need to contend with it, music is always there. I truly can’t overstate how beneficial and how amazing these arrays of pleasing sounds are in our lives.

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