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Eric Prydz vs. Pink Floyd – Proper Education (Original Mix)

What deems something a notable classic? And what does it take to become a classic? These are two fascinating ideas that we study every day of our lives, and they happen to be two ideas that I encounter a lot in my studies as well as in my social life. And it doesn’t bother me that our daily comings and goings are so preoccupied with becoming enigmatic, classic figures. I guess I can only speak for myself, but everything I do in terms of daily living and physical appearance, is not necessarily preoccupied with being unique or different, but more becoming a central figure in my own life and perhaps the others around me. Everything I do is thought about carefully, and then sometimes not so carefully, so as not to disturb the balance of what has been created around me. Somewhere within that picture, we all have to attempt to be something, and I think that it’s fair to say that we all try to be our own lives “classic” or historical figure. That’s all we’re truly capable of controlling.

I talk about this on a Sunday morning as the cool breeze enters my window and begs me for blankets, because I think of this Pink Floyd track (the original alone), as a classic. And as I was listening to it yesterday for the first time, calmly and quietly losing all notions of composure, not only because this original mix is heavenly on the ears, but because I was hearing a classic. Whenever I hear tracks that are universally known and loved from an older time, remixed to today’s standards of excellence (and there are high standards, I would say at least), I get emotional but mostly excited at how a new spin on a classic is being created before our very eyes.

It is safe to say that if this track was dropped (by me? Did I tell you guys that I’m working on my DJ skills? More story later) at a party, all proper amounts of sh*t would be lost. They just would. There’s a grandeur essence of epic quality and proportions going on here. Plug in and enjoy the breeze-y Sunday ya’ll.

Pink Floyd vs. Eric Prydz – Proper Education (Original Mix)