The Presets – Push

After seeing The Presets at Terminal 5 earlier in October, I’ve been compelled to write about them for a while but haven’t found the chance to. I’ve written about them on here before, but after their live performance I have a whole new level of respect for them. I was properly blown away by the energy they brought to the crowded stage and venue (with, I might add, the best crowd of people I’ve encountered in a long time), and while there was minimal personal interactions with the audience, I felt completely drawn and connected the entire time.

The Aussie electronic duo gave us new and old material, with seamless transitions between each song. While their latest album, Pacifica is vastly different from their older work, I think it was less of a style change as a band, and more of an experimentation with new and different sounds. Their opening song, Push, which is off their latest album, was the perfect embodiment of tremendous power-synth driven vocals that so represents some of their harder, older music.

Anyways, enough talk about old and new. I think the reason I loved seeing these guys live so much was because of the crowd energy — we were all on the same level for several parts of the night. When My People came on, everyone started jumping as one collective, which was the most exhilarating adrenaline rush for three minutes.

This track embodies everything about that night. The lyrics are so … pushy. Wherever you are, you feel drawn to the edge. The entire time listening to the track is as if you’re borderline falling, as is the case with a lot of their music. They take the rules of build-ups and drops, and abolish them. Sometimes this means there’s a constant build-up and no drop. Or as is the case with this song, all build-ups and minimal drops.

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I can’t help but feel like we New Yorkers are in a semi-state of post-Apocalypse. Walking around lower Manhattan yesterday was a really eery feeling, businesses closed, the sounds of police cars and emergency vehicles ringing off the building walls of empty streets. With the post-apocalyptic sound that The Presets seem to have, I think this might be the best walking-through-the-hurricane-mess song for this week.
The Presets – Push