Rebecca Perl – Keepin’ It Cool (Tep No Edit)

This is my first encounter with Rebecca Perl and I’m immediately struck by how natural of a talent she is. Her vocals have a buoyant quality to them that simply can’t be forced and she shows hints of a future pop powerhouse – not to be hyperbolic here, but I hear a little bit of Taylor Swift in her cadence during the chorus. Tep No’s edit on the production makes Perl’s performance an even more enticing centerpiece as playful, chilled out synths and touches of a strummed acoustic guitar give the song a wholly relaxing vibe that’s perfect for poolside relaxation with the heat of summer in Los Angeles (and across the country) upon us.

There’s a sense of timelessness when I’m at the pool or on the beach. Maybe it’s because I was around the two so much as a kid, but when I’m laid back in a chair or on the sand, I feel suspended in time. The warmth of the sun beating down on me, the sound of the water cascading back and forth, the sound of music and laughter drifting from one ear to the other; in that moment, the comfort I experience is almost indescribable. It makes me realize how I’m a tiny piece of the universe as I look up at our planet’s star, yet it also makes me feel significant, present, and whole. There’s a meditative quality to those moments that bring me inner peace and I need to pursue that feeling on a more regular basis with a whole coast to the west of me.

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