Kill Paris – Red Lights (Madnap remix)

Madnap’s approach to electronic music comes with an organic bent that’s hard to quantify but has been on full display with tracks like last year’s “Honey”. His sound feels so honest and personal rather than over-processed to the point of a disconnect; it’s subtle and stunning as seen on his brand new remix. Taking on “Red Lights” by Kill Paris, he transitions the groovy, upbeat original into a dreamy downtempo cut whose passionate display is felt through sultry verses and a dense, dynamic drop of a hook. There’s so many little touches like the tempo switch during the second drop that make this remix exciting to dive into with each and every listen.

The track’s sound feels like the sonic equivalent of a night drive through a neon-lit city where the individual moments blur together because the experience overwhelms the senses. It’s affecting and sticks with you long after the car shifts to park, your head hits the bed, and daylight creeps back in. I’m compelled to go on a drive with Madnap’s “Red Lights” remix playing and allow sensory overload to take hold.

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