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Freestylers – Signs ft. Tenor Fly and Spanner Banner

The wonders of the Internet mean you’re reading this even though I’m far away, deep in the woods with no connection. It’s about fucking time. I really wish someone would have told me as a kid that vacation isn’t a right. There’s a difference between a vacation and a trip. On a trip, you’re waking […]

Ace of Base – The Sign

While flipping through my music library last week, I came across Ace of Base’s “The Sign.” It’s a cheesy track, but at the time was groundbreaking in its fusion of reggae and pop melodies. This is the kind of song that everyone kind of knows, but no one knows anything about it. Let me give […]

Adam Tensta – My Cool (Al Azif Remix ft. Dr. Alban)

Due to some administrative confusion, my earlier post on Autograf’s “Gust of Wind” remix has been taken down…as the track was written up already yesterday! Ah, the pitfalls of an international remote team sharing a Dropbox account. So in the interest of keeping all you EMPTers satiated with Sunday summer jams, I offer you this […]

The Partysquad – Rising Sun

No music has the universal appeal like reggae music. Reggae’s pure, unrelenting optimism transcends every culture, race, and continent. Even when the saddest of lyrics about the bleakest of topics (although rare, think Marley’s “War”) can feel like the happiest of songs when coupled with some steel drums and a reggae beat. Because reggae simply […]