Reva DeVito – Cali

Excuse my lateness to the party, but Reva DeVito crystalizes the mystique of SoCal into a soulful examination of the wonder and romance floating through the air in my home. It’s a mystique that’s impossible to resist once you’ve arrived, the palm trees and cool breeze and vivid sunsets all proving the worth of their idealization by the rest of the world. The production on “Cali” is a wonderful romp that enlists *those* classic SoCal synths with a hazy R&B groove, offering DeVito all the best pockets for her voice to luxuriously flow across like the Malibu waves softly crashing against the coast (and hey, the music video is pretty fantastic too in case you’re wondering).

I was lovestruck by California the moment I landed three years ago, totally bewildered and overwhelmed by all the stimulation of Los Angeles. It slowly faded away as the grit of the city began to seep into my everyday life and remove some of that scene in Mulholland Drive where the lead actress arrives as all smiles, but that’s part of a place becoming home. That said, the wonder has started to return. Just last night, I was driving home on Hollywood Boulevard with endless lights stretched in front of me, the soft lights of the luxurious hills tucked between the corridor like a sky-high painting. I see the beauty here again and it only continues to grow.

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