Rich Delinquent – Death Drive

Rich Delinquent came through my inbox as brand new name to me which is always an exciting prospect – diving into an artist blind and seeing what happens. Safe to say it was worth the risk with “Death Drive” which has been stuck in my head on a loop since I spun it for the first time. It has gritty electronic production with swirling melodies and the vocals are pure pop goodness, something you’d hear on the radio but in the best way possible. Combined with his super interesting visual approach as seen by the single’s artwork, the project is just intriguing from top to bottom and has my full attention for whatever move Rich Delinquent makes next.

Have you ever been on a death drive where you knew a crash was coming but couldn’t pump the brakes? There’s been a recurring pattern in my life where I would rocket toward shame and disappointment but keep my foot on the gas. Last week, though, I finally got the courage to pump the brakes hard regardless of how uncomfortable it might be to feel that initial jerking of the head. Excuse all the metaphors, but I guess what I’m trying to say is I came close to a terrible that felt inevitable and was able to stop before it happened. It was an empowering feeling that gives me confidence to keep moving forward with poise from here on out.

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