Robosonic & Mat.Joe – Got Game

This is a bad to the bone, sexy, bass heavy, head nodding, club rocking banger. It samples one of the dopest Hip Hop tracks, 50 & Games Hate It or Love It, which Robosonic  flips with that classic deep house/hip hop flavor only he can bring. Got Game, I love that title because it represents everything I’m about right now.

Since the 3rd grade I’ve lived in a highly competitive performance based world – entertainment. It’s a world where your shit has to be tight or you don’t make the cut. You deliver or you’re done, you’re aware, you know what’s up, you’re really fucking good at what you do and that’s the bottom line. Often times the things expected of you are complex, i.e. deliver something totally subjective that a lot of people agree with, be compelling to strangers, predict the future, amaze and delight – you get the idea. It sounds rough but when it’s your lifestyle you learn the consistencies and you figure it out.

All the while you develop and appreciation for details because in this world it’s the details that separate the good from the great.  You appreciate when someone consistently delivers, you appreciate high level communication, when someone has intention and conviction, when they take care of their appearance, have wisdom, charm or anything else that represents an effort. It says they’re on top of their shit. I know what you’re thinking, materialistism, phoniness, etc but that’s a cope out; what I’m referring to is top to bottom excellence. We all dream about ideals right? For example in love, women want that tough, super sensitive, romantic, handsome, intelligent, highly spiritual and loving man. Guys want that homely, innocent yet sexual, beautiful, stylish and stunning girl who melts your heart with her looks, flowing fairy tale hair and smells so good when she leaves you can’t think of anything else.  That’s called game tight and let me tell you something, it’s real. What you want, it’s out there, it’s no fantasy.

Often times we settle for less because we undervalue ourselves! We don’t love or believe in ourselves enough to keep fighting and searching for what will truly make us happy, not just what’s right in front at the moment. On top of that, to get what you want you have to be what you want. You also have to understand that the world isn’t a fixed thing, you can literally create anything you want but first you have to get free.

I know many people hate on LA and for the right reasons, I know people hate on NYC, for the right reasons as well. Many people despise the entertainment industry but when you grow in those places you distinguish between the real and the fake and trust me when you find real in NY or LA or entertain, it’s real. Those 3 have shown me what game is, what truly being exceptional in ALL facets of life is about. Get game, enjoy.

Robosonic & Mat.Joe – Got Game


Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund: Octobre + Novembre 2012

Dwayne Carter Jr. is full of good lines but the following is hands down my favorite…

If I die today it be a holiday…”

If there’s ever a moment in my life when my perspective is so off or I’m doing something so terribly against my true nature that makes me feel otherwise then there’s something wrong. Life is too short to be dishonest with yourself or others and nothing matters that much to put up with bullshit from anyone. I’m lucky to have music, it’s the thing I love, it’s what I do for a living, it’s what makes me happy and it’s never let me down. The more I get into it, the more fulfilling and inspired I am and I thankful for it.

Which brings me to todays post. It’s important to have something to look forward to every day, week, month, year. Keep yourself going and make everyday interesting however you can. For many of us here and our readers of course, one thing that’s made our days and months better is the release of LMDM, our first and most beloved mixtape series by Steph Lund. Recently, I’ve gotten a few angry emails, frustrated request and desperate music love letters from folks asking about the tape. If it’s gone forever, why we’re slacking? etc. We appreciate it all and we listen, if there’s anything that keeps this train going is the passion we have for music and knowing that others share it with us. That said, there’s no excuse, Steph and I are just busy mofo’s these days. We both left NYC this year and have been 100 miles and running since keeping up with our clients, personal lives and so on. EMPT and LMDM we’re created on and still run on pure love so bare with us as we learn to manage the new demands. That said, we’re playing catchup and brining you a combined Octobre & Novembre that is pure concentrated amazing. Decembre soon to follow.

As is customary this tape is nothing like those before it and perhaps the only thing it shares with the them is the amazing feeling you get while listening to it. This one in particular has a great balance, I haven’t seen Steph in a while but I can tell these are the good times. I won’t Speak for her but just know that every song fantastic and the fast forward button is worthless while listening to this, enjoy…

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download

  1. Chromatics – Lady (YUS Remix)
  2. Roosevelt – Sea
  3. St Lucia – September
  4. Absofacto – Backfire
  5. Robosonic – Thankful
  6. Saint Michel – Katherine
  7. Civil Twilight – River (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
  8. Roosevelt – Soleil
  9. Crystal Stilts – Dark Eyes
  10. Y Luv – Driftin
  11. Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer
  12. First Aid Kit – Winter Is All Over (Baauer Remix)

Robosonic – The Edge

There’s something a little sinister about this track. I don’t know if it’s the sharp synth melody that boops around the 3:30 mark ’till the end or the gradual low build-up to the drop. Either way it’s working for me. It is, after all, Halloweekend (I’m dubbing it Halloweeknd since I saw The Weeknd perform last night at Terminal 5) and a some minimal dark dance beats are necessary.

Thankfully, the boys of Robosonic are now making their way onto the main stages. Their tracks are really forces to be reckoned with. This track is hot off their September release, “Over The Edge,” and fits the duo’s idea of “creative chaos” perfectly. The build-ups and drops are slight but noticeable and slowly pump their way through your body. I’ve found closing your eyes and letting the music take control is the best way to experience this track. The tiny lights behind your eyelids bounce along with the beat right up until the end.

If you’re going out at all this weekend, throw this track onto the playlist I’m sure your friends are all relying on you to provide. It’s toned down house to a T and sure to get your people in the zone.

Robosonic – The Edge