RYDER – Nirvana

Pop music is more hit or miss than most genres, but this new song from RYDER is pop fucking goodness! She has the voice of a straight up goddess and combines it with a *seriously smooth* electronic instrumental that I could dance to for days. Plus, I love the lyrics about her wanting to reach nirvana… such a cool angle for a pop song when most of them are stuck on temporary highs (no intended diss to those songs, all music has its place!).

That makes the song feel even more personal though. We all have these surface level desires for clothes and drugs and jewelry and yet here comes RYDER, telling her significant other “fuck the material stuff, I want the real thing”! It’s more refreshing than a big bottle of water on a hot day to hear her lay down some truth on what her route to real nirvana is…it’s a different route for all of us of course, so now I’m sitting here thinking about how I’d achieve my nirvana. I’m not totally sure yet, but the way this song makes me feel is kinda like a piece of that nirvana, so don’t mind me while I hit the replay button to let RYDER take me there again and again!

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