Tegan and Sarah – Walking With a Ghost

From Wu-Tang Killer Bee’s to indie rocks favorite (only?) identical lesbian twin sisters Tegan & Sara. Just go with it, I think abstract but it makes sense, I promise.

I have a bunch of new music to release but as I was writing another post Walking With A Ghost came on thanks to my iTunes shuffle and I was taken back to one of my life’s favorite years – 2004. I was a senior in college at the time and so relating to any relationship songs was not exactly happening but this song made sense.

I was walking with a ghost, I said please, please don’t insist.
No matter which way you go. No matter which way you stay.
Your out of my mind, out of my mind…”

The songs lyrics are repetitive, simple yet extremely meaningful. While telling someone that being with them was like being with a ghost is a bit harsh, we’ve all been in those relationships that just don’t work but drag on and on, things aren’t exactly bad nor are they really any good. At that point you do kinda feel like your with a ghost or even stranger, you are a ghost yourself. That might not make any sense at all to some but atleast Tegan and Sara know what I’m talking about, ; ). Enjoy.

Oh yeah and here’s a new and amazing Tiësto & TS collaboration called feel it in my bones. It’s either going to be on Tiëstos upcoming Kaleidoscope or T&S’s Sainthood, either way it’s pretty damn good, enjoy.

Tegan and Sarah – Walking With a Ghost

Tiesto – Feel It In My Bones (Feat. Tegan and Sara)