Music Remixes

Rhian Benson – Rewind (Shook Remix)

“Can we take it back to the days when we could define sublime?
Even if takes a lifetime for us to find love, let’s rewind. Rewind.”

Somehow and to some degree most of us can relate to this feeling and this moment when we reminisce about that past love. To reminisce is not the bad part. It is to go back and get stuck in circles “like a hula hoop”. That’s where it gets complicated.

In the beginning of the summer of ’11 Rhian Benson released a salsa-dazed with a sprinkle of tropical bossa of a song.

In 2012 Shook takes it down a notch with the tempo, adds a simple organ and finger snappin’ to the beginning and lets it roll from there. The simple piano chords repeat over and over again while you’re taken on a ride along the coasts of wherever with some disco winds blowing from the East. Even if the song is all about rewinding it is also all about unwinding – from a weekend, a person, a situation, work, anything. In the fast-paced world we live in today it feels good to hit play on this one and just let go. Don’t know about you, but right now I’m really relating to this song.

The best way to go back and stay here at the same time is listening to this remix. It’s that powerful.

Rhian Benson – Rewind (Shook Remix)