The Temper Trap – Fader (The Knocks Remix Feat. Samuel)

I really enjoy both versions of this track for different reasons.  The Tempers Traps original version has the vibrant rock/indie up tempo vibe where you hear it and you just want to jump around where ever you are.  The way the drum and bass kick in right away with the high energy harmonies being a perfectly precise instrument all on their own, makes for one great high energy track.

But then I can never resist a remix, especially a really good one by The Knocks whom I have mentioned before are a really great duo, paired with Samuel and you’ve got something special to listen too.  When you think of an electronic remix you might think fast uptempo, but they slow down the Fader track very nicely so that you feel like you are in a more dreamy vibe probably in front of a pool or a beach on this gorgeous Sunday with a drink in hand admiring the view whatever that may be, use your imagination!

It shows a lot of great diversity in the track and the artists that are handling it with obvious care, to be able to give it two great distinct vibes so that you can play them back to back and yet its like your not repeating the same track but two very different ones.  I wanted to give you fine readers something upbeat and also a little more relaxing to vibe out to this Sunday, so press play and don’t even worry for a second what’s on your agenda for tomorrow, enjoy!

The Temper Trap – Fader (The Knocks Remix Feat. Samuel)

The Temper Trap – Fader