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Saint Motel – My Type

Upbeat and incredibly catchy, “My Type” by Saint Motel is your perfect feel-good track for this happy friday. Within the first few seconds you’re hit with heavy brass and drums (sax trend alert!). The brass is fresh and modern with a splash of 70’s dance hall elements. The innocent simplicity of the lyrics makes me smile (“You’re just […]

Son Lux ft. Lorde – Easy (Switch Screens)

Deep baritone sax, unpredictable electric guitar, and a sultry, eerie voice combine to create a rich balance between Son Lux’s instrumentals and Lorde’s intermittent vocals. Although repetitive, the lyrics speak a simple message of idealized thought versus reality of human nature. If only it were so easy to inhibit the aftershock of heartbreak. How simple it is on paper, to overcome ill emotions. Easy, right? Just get rid of the pain. […]

Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers (David Sitek Remix)

I crossed off something on my liststhis week that I’ve been meaning to cross of for a while. I crossed off “completion.” As Saturday ticked its way into Sunday, I finished my last piece of work for the year and for once I felt the proper sense of completion. I am the type of high-strung […]